Marlice – a Vision for Africa

A film by Philip Selkirk

Philip Rattray Selkirk was born in 1964 in Oxfordshire in England. He studied history and business in Vienna and Berlin. After graduating he worked as a manager in the construction and property sectors in Berlin. In 1997 he changed to the world of film making, first working with Dieter Geisslers production company, Cinemagic, the makers of the film »Unending Story. Two years later Selkirk became a director with Taunusfilms (later Cinemedia), a subsidiary of Hessisher Rundfunk. As an executive producer, he worked on two films by Uwe Boll, »Blackwoods« and »Heart of America«, both German-Canadian co-productions.

In the summer of 2002 Selkirk went independent and founded »Selkirk Pictures and Enterprises Ltd« in Wiesbaden. In 2003 Selkirk made his debut as a documentary film maker with »Castro«, a co-production with Arte and Bayerischer Rundfunk. Since then has regularly produced films for Arte, BR and ZDF and other television stations, principally in the public broadcasting sector. Following the assassination of the Pakistani Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto at the end of 2007, Selkirk’s film »Benazir Bhutto-Daughter of Power« which he had produced in 2005 was shown in the main programme of ARD.

Among the many acclaimed films Philip Selkirk has produced independently perhaps the most notable is »Mille Miglia- The Spirit of a Legend«, a homage to motor racing in which he together with the photographer Stephan Heimann, pay tribute to the legendary motor race, the Mille Miglia, for the first time in feature film length. He captures the reminiscences of such racing icons as Sir Stirling Moss, Graf Giannino Marzotto and Johann Mass for future generations. The 92 minute documentary film has recently been broadcast world wide on the »Discovery Channel.«