Marlice – a Vision for Africa

Marlice – A Vision for Africa: A film by Philip Selkirk

Anyone seeing Marlice van Vuuren – blond, attractive and in her early 30’s- for the first time might well think she was a California Beach girl, one with an excellent degree from a private university and launched on a career: a life that was effortless, unremarkable and predictable.

But on second glance, one sees much more in this young woman- passion, intuition and a boundless commitment to something a great deal more important: the protection of human and animal life in one part of our planet.

The film »Marlice- A Vision for Africa« made by the director Philip Selkirk, records in an equally remarkable and sensitive way how a young woman, together with her family in Namibia, strive both for the preservation of animal species and for the culture of the country’s original inhabitants- and how in the process she often has to face and overcome great obstacles. She nonetheless tenaciously pursues her goals! But is she on the right track?

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